HR Management & Payroll Software

HR Management & Payroll Software

Bidhee HR (Human Resource) and Payroll System is a cloud based human resource management platform and an independent module of Bidhee ERP. Bidhee HRIS covers the major areas of HR management i.e. Employee Information Management, Payroll and Benefits, Reports, Hiring and Recruitment, Training and Development, Labor Laws and Legal Compliance of the Organization and Income Tax and Deductions Management.

HR Management & Payroll Software

Modules of Bidhee HRMS

Personal Information Management

Employee Basic and Additional Information, Promotion/ Demotion and Transfer, TADA, User Switching, Notification

Appraisal Management

Appraisal Form Design, 360 Degree Appraisal, Evaluation Flow Design, Form Filling and Submission

Attendance Management

Biometric Check In, Biometric Check Out, Check In From Mobile App, Attendance Comments, Attendance Reports, Settings

Leave Management

Leave Settings, Create Leave, Leave Team, Leave Authority, Leave Requests, Leave Notification, Leave History, Leave Restrictions, Leave Balance Reports

Payroll Management

Income Creation, Allowance, Benefits, Income Tax, Gratuity, PF, CIT, Loan, Income Advance, Mass Increment, Rewards, Life Insurance, SST, TDS

Shift Management

Multiple Shift Setup, Chart View, Employee Check In/ Check Out Logs, Group Shift Setup and Shift Analytics

Onboarding and Offboarding Management

Hiring & Job Information, Employee Information, Income Creation, Asset Allocation and Return, Bank Account Details, Payroll Addition, Payroll Cancel, Employee Archive

Roster Management

Roster Client Management, Staff Management, Roster Settings, Roster List View, Generate Roster Payroll, Roster Payroll Report

Asset Management

List of Company Assets, Create Company Assets, Employee Asset Management, Support Reminders and Asset Insurances


Retirement Date Set, Retirement Calculations, Leave Encashment, Loan Settlement, PF/ CIT Do Not Deduct Option, Retirement Report, Retirement Benefits

Settings and Customizations

Organization, Employee, Group, Position, Settings, Holiday & Calendar Settings, Leave and Payroll Settings, User Role/ Authority Settings, Shift & Overtime Settings


Reports Related to Human Resource, Employee Service Period, Payroll and Benefits, Appraisal, Leave and Attendance, Daily Activities

Employee Self- Service

View Own Pay Slip, Deduction Reports, View Leave Balance, Leave & Attendance Report, Online Check-in/ Check-out Overtime/ Leave/ Travel Request

Android/ iOS App

User Dashboard, Remote Attendance, Task Management, Setting Management, Overtime Request, Leave Status & Request

Features of Bidhee HRMS

Customizable User Dashboard

Employee Profile and History

Biometric Attendance Integration

Personal TADA

Appraisal Form Design

360 Degree Appraisal

Allowance Management

Leave Status

Online Check-in and Check-out

Leave Requests and Approvals

Automated Payroll Generation

Customizable Income

Tax/ Deductions Management

Insurance Management

Benefit Management

Grievance Management

KPI Management

Payroll Reports

Notice Management

Event Management

Overall TADA Management

Reminder Calendar

Expenses Management

Loan Management

Employee Tracking

Advanced Add-ons

Work Report Chart
Roles and Authorizations
Document Management
Dynamic Field Management (Drop- down)
Customizable Reports
Real Time Notification

    Why Bidhee HR and Payroll?

    From information access to data protection, there is a lot more that Bidhee HRIS provides to bring out employee efficiency and productivity in an organization.

  • Being a transparent system, it provides user with easy and full access to their data.
  • Ensures Security For all kind of Users from Managers to Employees.
  • Ensures Data Protection as all data for e.g, Contract Documents, Payroll Information are stored in a secured server.
  • Accessible on the go. Branches of an Organization could use same system from multiple locations.
  • Minimal Paperwork & Safe Documentation as the system is accessible from anywhere anytime with no risk of document loss.
  • Performance Analysis as one can oversee the employee, analyze hiring cost, generate reports & calculating turnover rate.
  • Single Data Entry as once data is collected same information can be moved back and forth.
  • Three Steps to Success whether it be Reporting, Information Entry or Role Assignments.

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