Construction Management Software - ERP

Construction Management Software - ERP

Bidhee Construction ERP offers a robust, user-friendly, dynamic, and secure cloud-based platform designed to facilitate planning, management, prioritization, and successful delivery of construction projects. Tailored specifically for contractors, builders, and heavy worker professionals, this system provides comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle. With Bidhee Construction ERP, users can efficiently coordinate tasks, allocate resources, track progress, and ensure timely completion of construction endeavors.

Construction Management Software consist of Several Modules:

- Human Resource Management

- Procurement Management

- Inventory Management

- Vehicle Management

- Equipment Management 

- Project Management

- Accounting Management

- Bank Facility Management

- Tender Bid Management

- Mobile Application for Site Reports and Requisitions

Construction Management Software - ERP

Modules of Construction ERP

Employee Management

Employee Basic and Additional Information, Employee Profile and History, Attendance Management and Leave Management

Equipment Management

Add Equipments, Search Equipments, Track Equipment Movements, Service Reminders, Spare Parts Reports, Service Reports, Track Vehicles

Bank Management

Bank Guarantee Management, Add Bank Guarantee, Bank Guarantee Ending Reminders, View Total and Used Bank Facility

Project Management

Tender Bid Summary, BOQ Management, Project Setup, Multiple Project Management, Project Dashboard, Project Document Management, Employee, Raw Materials, Equipments Management

Project Dashboard

Project Overview, BOQ Upload and Summary, Employee Setup, Equipment & Vehicle Setup, Raw Materials Setup, Bank facility, Document, Project and PMT Summary, Running Bill Management

Vendor Management

Add New Vendors, Vendor List View, Vendor Purchase Order Report PDF, Search Vendors, Material Requisition, PO Generation

Warehouse Management

New Warehouse Setup, All Warehouse List View, Warehouse Movements, Project Warehouse, Material Requisition and PO Management

Goal/ Milestone Settings

Project Wise Milestone View, Milestone Setup, Add or Upload Goal For Each Milestone, Task Management For Each Project( To Do, In-progress, Done, Work Inspect)

Petty Contractor

Add Petty Contractors, Petty Contractor List View, Petty Contractor Status

BOQ Management

Project Wise BOQ Generator, Project BOQ Upload, BOQ Summary

Tracking Management

Project Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Equipment Tracking, Employee Tracking, Raw Materials Movement Tracking

Purchase Order Management

Requisition Management, Purchase Order Management, Material Requisition and PO Status, Project Wise Material Requisition and PO Generation


Raw Material Procurement, Equipment Procurement, Vehicle Procurement, Project Wise Procurement, Procurement Reports


Quotation Generator, BOQ Management, Quotation PDF Download, Contract Generator, Proposal Document Generator

Features of Construction ERP

Construction Customizable User Dashboard

Employee Profile

Organization Management

Department Management

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Shift Management

Organization Chart

Document Management

Construction Insurance Management

Holiday Management

TADA Management

Advance Management

Payroll Generation

Roster Management

Tender Bid Management

Applied Tenders

Project Archive

Tender Agreements

Project Dashboard

Project Setup

Project BOQ

Employee Assignment

Vehicle Management

Equipment Management

Project Task and Goal Management

Project Summary/ Report

Advanced Addons

Real Time Notifications
Customized Reporting
Infographic Milestone Chart
Documents Management
Dropdown Management
Special User Role Setup

    Why Construction ERP?

    There are so many advantages of using ERP software in construction industry. From project planning to project completion, Bidhee Construction ERP offers many benefits.

  • Construction ERP could control expenses and budgetary allocation. This ERP helps in planning of Raw Materials, Effective Use of Labor, Architectural Designing and Scheduling. It also avoids unnecessary delay and issues with contractors in the duration of the project.
  • Information Access and Sharing
  • This ERP software for construction can be used to determine accurate estimation for raw materials, designs, labor, equipments, vehicles, and project duration. It also helps the contractors to find out the profit/ loss in each project.

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