Bidhee ERP

Bidhee ERP

Bidhee ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software designed to streamline and integrate business processes across various departments within an organization. It offers a centralized platform for managing core functions such as finance, human resources, supply chain, sales, and many more. Bidhee ERP aims to enhance efficiency, productivity, and decision-making by providing real-time data insights, automation of routine tasks, and facilitating communication and collaboration among different teams. Overall, Bidhee ERP enables organizations to optimize operations and improve overall performance.

Bidhee ERP Software consist of Several Modules:

- Human Resource Management

- Procurement Management

- Inventory Management

- Vehicle Management

- Equipment Management 

- Project Management

- Accounting Management

- Bank Facility Management

- Tender Bid Management

- Sales CRM Management

- Order Management

- Billing Management (IRD Approved)

- Point of Sale System (POS)

Bidhee ERP

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