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Automate Your Construction Site Today! From Tender Bid, Vehicle Management, Procurement, Accounts, to Project Management! More than 500 Companies in Nepal use Bidhee ERP Software.

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Message from the Chairperson
Mr. Subash Sapkota

Mr. Subash Sapkota


As we reflect on our journey, it's remarkable to see how far we've come from our humble beginnings. Starting from scratch with just two staff members, we have grown into a formidable team of 75+ experienced professionals. Together, we have achieved significant milestones, serving over 1000 clients across six different countries.

At Bidhee Pvt. Ltd, we have always remained committed to redefining technology in the arena of ERP solutions. Our focus lies in catering to both SMEs and giant companies, providing them with cutting-edge software to streamline their business operations. We firmly believe that by offering locally developed software, we can contribute to Nepal's economic independence. No longer do businesses need to rely solely on international software vendors; instead, they can turn to us for solutions tailored to their needs.

Our dedicated support team stands as the backbone of our company, ensuring that our cli- ents receive unparalleled service and assistance every step of the way. Together, we are not just revolutionizing the ERP landscape; we are also making a tangible impact on our economy and empowering businesses to thrive in today's digital age.

Thank you all our esteemed well-wishers, dedicated staff, valued stakeholders, and all contributors for your unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence. Together, let's continue to push boundaries, innovate relentlessly, and make a lasting difference in the world of technology.

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What Our Clients Say?

Bidhee's Roster Management System transformed our scheduling at Doctors On Call. User-friendly, powerful, and customized, it optimized our team's focus on excellent patient care.

Suyesh Karki
CEO, Doctors On Call Nepal

We are very much thankful to Bidhee for the best customised ERP for our organisations. All the best for your future!

Anil Gurung
Chairman, GME Remit

We are more than happy with your Human Resource and Payroll software as this has no issue till date. Best of luck for your future.

Om Sharma

Company Info

Bidhee Pvt. Ltd. was founded with a singular purpose: to actualize concepts into digital realities, tailored precisely to meet the unique needs of our clients. Today, we proudly lead Nepal's tech landscape as the foremost provider of ERP solutions. Our commitment lies in digitizing client requirements, crafting software to drive their goals forward, and innovating products that empower organizations with unparalleled efficiency and decision-making prowess. Bidhee stands as the premier choice for Nepali clients seeking top-tier ERP solutions

Bidhee stands as the undisputed leader in delivering ERP Solutions tailored specifically for the Construction Industry, Sales ERP Solutions catering to Manufacturing and Trading sectors, and HR Payroll Solutions deployed across hundreds of organizations in Nepal. Furthermore, Bidhee offers a comprehensive range of services including Website Design, eCommerce Solutions, and Mobile Application development for both Android and iOS platforms. Our most significant unique selling proposition lies in our ability to turn your concepts into tangible reality through the development of custom software, be it in the form of Web Applications or Mobile Applications, perfectly aligned with the client's needs.

We are privileged to collaborate with renowned organizations such as the Ministry of Energy, US Embassy Nepal, Continental Group, MAW Group, KL Dugar Group, Sharma & Company, Kalika Construction, Panchakanya Group, Gurans Life Insurance, Ajod Insurance, City Express, Upper Trishuli Hydropower (212 MW), Upper Kabeli Hydropower (21 MW), Tanahu Hydropower (140 MW), Cimex BYD, United Cement, Facts Nepal, and over 1000 clients spanning across 6 different countries.